Screen shot and descriptions of the Toolbars and Icons used by The Esb Cockpit:

The first eleven icons on the left side perform the indicated functions with just one-click, much quicker than scrolling through a drop-down menu. 

The right most ten icons are used to change each indicated setting. As an example, click on Zoom-Next and the setting advances to Zoom-All, click again and the sheet is set to Zoom-Bottom, then once more for Zoom-Next again. Your retrieval or drilldown is based on the settings that you are viewing. 

Furthermore, when you change worksheets, the seven icons from Preserve Formulas through Alias are updated to reflect the setting last used on that particular worksheet. You can quickly observe each setting without having to tab through the Essbase Options selection window. The Cockpit dynamically places these control setting right in front of you.

The "Lock Send" icon performs both functions with one-click. While developing and/or testing an application, this simplifies the strokes necessary to update data in a test database. Both a Lock and a Send are immediately initiated.

Near the rightmost end, the "LEFT clic" and "RITE clic" are used to change your mouse button setting between Essbase and Excel definitions. As an example, one-click on the "LEFT clic" and you can then perform Excel in-cell editing: One-click again and the left button can then be used for Essbase drill-down activity.

The rightmost icon is to turn Excel's automatic calculator ON and OFF. If you are performing particularly large Essbase retrievals without any subsequent cell calculations, then setting this to OFF will stop Excel from scanning the entire sheet for calculations and return control back to you quicker.

The green "C-PIT" icon in the upper right toggles all other Cockpit toolbars ON and OFF the screen thereby freeing up a little extra grid space in Excel while you are not accessing Essbase. 

The Cockpit is designed to eliminate many intermediate and time consuming steps, and to make your Essbase experience much more efficient.