The Esb CockpitŠ

Version 6


How to Purchase Registrations of The Esb Cockpit:

1. Download file if you had not done so to install an evaluation registration. It contains the following two files :

    The Esb Cockpit, Version 6 (CPit60.xla),

    The Uninstall file (UnInCPit.xls)

2. Contact AdVance Dimensions at 512/335-6030 to discuss the number of individual registrations that you wish to purchase ($30.00 per individual registration) and to provide billing authorization and information.

3. Email the list of user names exactly as each user would want their name to appear on their PC screen as the Cockpit Add-In loads (immediately following the Essbase Add-In). You will then receive by email a registration number for each user name. 

4. Each user currently using the evaluation registration will be able to click on the Cockpit "REG" icon, and enter their name and associated registration number. This completes the re-registration process. New users will simply follow the standard Excel Add-In procedure. Please review the Cockpit Documentation for installation instructions and appropriate recommendations. Cockpit Documentation also includes a simple 4-click process for uninstalling the Cockpit in the event you chose not to purchase; and it includes an industry standard disclaimer for your review prior to installing and using this product.

5. In the event that a PC has an earlier version of the Cockpit installed on it, the Cockpit should be uninstalled first by using UnInCPit.xls prior to installing the newer Esb Cockpit Version 6. In the event The Esb Cockpit, Version 6 needs to be uninstalled, use the UnInCPit.xls file or see the even quicker method described in the Cockpit Documentation.