The Esb CockpitŠ

Version 6


An instrument panel that allows you to navigate faster, more efficiently,

and always with a view of your Essbase retrieval settings.


OVERVIEW of The Esb Cockpit:

The Esb Cockpit is a set of Microsoft Excel toolbars and icons designed to add speed and convenience in the use of the Hyperion Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in for Microsoft Excel.

The easily recognizable icons provide a fast and convenient "single click" method to Retrieve, to Keep-Only, to Flashback, to Zoom-Out, to both "Lock & Send" (with a single click), or to access other commonly used Essbase actions. A single click also switches the left or right mouse button function between Essbase Add-in and Excel definitions, a feature that is very popular with the more experienced Excel financial users.

A most important feature to most all Cockpit users is that the Cockpit dynamically updates and displays within a toolbar the current status of several key Essbase settings whenever a user changes Essbase settings, worksheets, or workbooks. The dynamically updated settings include the current status for Zoom, Preserve Formula, Suppress #Missing, Suppress Zero, and Aliases. Because the Cockpit keeps the key settings and controls in constant view, users can achieve their retrieval objects much more efficiently and can avoid such time consuming events as Zoom-All when but a Zoom-Next was desired.

The Esb Cockpit is designed and developed for Essbase application developers, ad-hoc users, and Essbase power users who want to make their Essbase experience more efficient.

See a screen shot of the Toolbars and Icons used by The Esb Cockpit and a description of their activity.