The Esb CockpitŠ

Version 6


How to obtain a free EVALUATION copy and registration of The Esb Cockpit:

1. Download "The Esb Cockpit", Version 6 (CPit60.xla) from this website. The Esb Cockpit is the same whether you install it with an evaluation registration or a purchased registration. In the event you later switch from an evaluation registration to a purchased registration, the product will not need to be installed again: Only the registration will be changed.

2. Email your request for a 30-day evaluation registration to or contact AdVance Dimensions at 512/335-6030. Email requests should include your company name, address, and phone number.

3. To install the Cockpit, use the standard Microsoft Excel method as you did when you installed the Hyperion Essbase Add-In for Excel. Please review Cockpit Documentation for installation instructions and appropriate recommendations. Cockpit Documentation also includes a simple 4-click process for uninstalling the Cockpit in the event you choose not to purchase.

4. Should you then chose to purchase individual registration of the Cockpit (see How to Purchase Registrations), you will receive a registration for each user that you request. No further downloads nor installations will be necessary for evaluation users. Re-registration instructions are detailed in Cockpit Documentation to transfer from an evaluation registration to a purchased registration.