The Esb Cockpit©

Version 6


An instrument panel that allows you to navigate faster, more efficiently,

and always with a view of your Essbase retrieval settings.


AdVance Dimensions is the developer and distributor of "The Esb Cockpit"© a set of Excel toolbars and icons for use with the Hyperion Essbase Add-In to Excel. 

AdVance Dimensions is honored that The Esb Cockpit is published  in the Hyperion Alliance Guide --Tools publication. All current, future, and prospective Essbase clients receive this Tools Guide.

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Overview of The Esb Cockpit

See a screen shot of the Toolbars and Icons used by The Esb Cockpit

How to obtain a free evaluation registration for your company

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How to purchase registrations of The Esb Cockpit

Cockpit Documentation

Download file containing The Esb Cockpit

The file contains The Esb Cockpit, Version 6 (CPit60.xla) Add-In for Excel and an uninstall file (UnInCPit.xls) for uninstalling any prior versions of the Cockpit. See Cockpit Documentation for further information.